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To still difficulties in replacement and disorganization!

Always Let your workplace,factory and workshop as equiped and imposing..Make the Best of Both to save money and time.

Cabinets With Doors
  • Lockable Doors.
  • You can organize your valuable materials
  • The drawers on the door enable to stock more
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Wheeled Cabinets
  • Because of its wheeled propery you can easily carry as where you want to carry it
  • Because of its duplex property you can save the place
  • The upper table of the item can be use as counters
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Rotating Cabinets
  • For rotating cabinets there are four-way and six-way model cabinets.
  • Can rotate its own axis
  • Save from the place as maximum
  • Stylish and modern apperance
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Single Side Cabinets
Save Time
  • Single Sided
  • Can be fixed on the wall
  • Different size and heights are available
  • Helps to find out the materials as easy way
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HI-PAS Plastic

Our company started its operations in the plastic sector in Suleymaniye, ISTANBUL, in the year 1978 under HILAL PLASTIK name with manufacturing Plastic boxes with drawers. The company, pursuing the goal of manufacturing original and high-quality products at all times, has grown in a very short time and consequently moved to its factory located in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Area to continue its operations under a new name “HI-PAS PLASTIK”. In the year 2004 the second modern facility of the company has become operational in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Area. Our new target is to serve our clients our new factory and equipment located in Tuzla Chemical Organized Area by 2014.

Our Product Range; Plastic Drawer Boxes, Equipment Boxes, Stacking bins, ESD Products, Closed and Perforated crates, Wide and wheeled crates, foldable crates, palletes and waste containers, Organizer Boxes, Tool Boxes, Traffic Safety Products , Logar Boxes,Jacket and document holder, Drawer Box Cabinet , Rotating cabinet ,Equipment Box Cabinet , Personnel Cabinets, Hanging work Boards, Mobile Tool box,Tool cabinets.

Usage Area Of Drawer Cabinets

Drawer Cabinets, outward is produced by metal material which has electrostatic paint .We have the cupboards that carry between 500-1500 kg load capacity.
Assist you to protect , carry and display your materials properly. Produced by monolithic material and doesnt need to be installed or setup. The Stacking is capable of plastic crates.
Through the strong body and base it has high load carry capacity.
Plastic equipments enable the materials to stock regularly and to find the placement easily.
Enables the materials to present with different dimensions and height.
Enables to have more modernized workplace,storage area and showroom .
Equipment Box takes place in different sectors ;Automotive,Hardware,ironmonger,Hydraulic,phneumatic,metal industry,Hospitals,Government entity,Construction and etc.

Why HI-PAS Plastic


Our products are served as high quality with using 1 st quality raw material and modern machinery production.


By R &D Studies with the principal of selling as economically the high qualified products we improve new design and products.


Because of the Recycling Production .Our products are not harmfull to evrionment and Health.


We Produce our products as reliable and resistant and with this purpose we modernise our machinery and moulds contionously.

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